FYOOZING offers an undetectable solution to hair loss, offering exact color match and styling to blend in with natural hair. Darrl is one of the only specialist in the region trained to offer custom lace, mesh and natural hair units. 

Proven results and satisfied customers confirm that Darrl is offering men, woman, and children a second chance at their ideal hairstyle, restoring confidence and completely transforming the misconceptions about hair units. 


Custom Hair Unit Options:

Lace Units- Last up to 6 months (sweat proof)

Mesh Units- Last up to 3 months

Natural Units- 2-4 weeks


Customer Reviews:

"I got my confidence back, for the first time in a long time I actually felt good about my appearance. When I looked into that mirror, I saw a brand new me. A better me. A complete transformation that makes me once again, comfortable being in the public eye."- Satisfied Customer

"Darrl, every time people see me, their mouths drop. I get so many compliments, I admit I loved it from day one but I was scared of what people would think. The compliments have been astounding, even from the most critical people" - Satisfied Customer


 All requests & questions must be submitted through email. We value your time, and therefore all inquiries will be responded to within 48 hrs. Pricing available upon request. $25 in-house consultation fee.

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