Either from here or the home page; please tap the tri-bar in the upper left hand corner. From there; you’ll be directed to the scheduling calendar.

Please pay close attention to the dates that you select. You are totally responsible for the appointments that you make. Text reminders & emails will be sent to the phone numbers & emails that you list as your contact information.


House Calls

Haircuts in the privacy of your home or business start at $250. Distant travel outside of the establishment's physical location is negotiable at the time of booking. The client is responsible for all traveling fees and/or additional expenses the artist incurs while on the job or project. MUST CALL TO BOOK!!! Contact DEE today @ (504) 400-7147


Three person minimum for on site barbering. Deposit is required to reserve your time & date.

Groom: $150

Each Additional Person:  $75

Trial Fees: $60 with contract & $70 without contract


All offers will be considered

Day Rate: $500

Half Day: $250

1/4 Day: $125

Hourly: $90

Overtime: $75/hr

A full day rate will be charged if the Hairbender is needed for a full production day, defined as eight consecutive hours with a one hour lunch break.

The booking arrangement cannot be changed after the artist arrives for the contracted job.

Day rates must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid even if the Hairbender is not utilized for the entire production day. Time and a half charges commence after eight hours (or before 8am and after 8pm).



Rates pending duration of film & the production budget.


All cancellations must be made at least eight days prior to job.

Cancellations made less than one week prior to booking will have a two-hour minimum fee imposed.

A ½ day rate will apply to cancellations made within 24 hours for all days of the specified project. Cancellations due to weather conditions will not be charged.

Charitable Cuts

All charitable initiatives and partnerships will be reviewed and considered.

Please email bookd@teamhairbenders.com